Tuesday, April 8, 2014


La tigre venuta dal fiume Kwai – Italian title
O vingador karate do Rio Kway – Brazilian title
Kwai-joen tiikeri – Finnish title
Le maître de Bangkok – French title
Le tigre de la rivière Kwai – French title
Der Regulator – German title
Der Tiger vom Kwai – German title
O tigris apo ton potamo Kwai – Greek title
O Tigre do Rio Kwai – Portuguese title
Kao ma jak menam Kwai – Thai title
The Tiger from the River Kwai – English title
A 1975 Italian production [Cine Fenix Film (Rome)]
Producer: Fu Sheng, Riccardo Billi
Director: Franco Lattanzi
Story: Armando Visconti
Screenplay: Armando Visconti
Cinematography: Giovanni Variano [color]
Music: Albert Baldan (Alberto Bembo)
Running time: 97 minutes
Sheriff Sam – George Eastman (Luigi Montefiore)
Thai/Tiger – Krung Srivilai
Jack Mason – Gordon Mitchell (Charles Pendleton)
Mary – Loredana Farnese
James – Bruno Arié
Won Lon – Kam Wong Lung
Deputy Jordan – Mauro Mannatrizio
Judy Lon – Nuccia Cardinali
Mason henchman – Michelle Branca
Mason’s woman – Giovanna Mainardi
Bartender – Luigi Guerra
With: Angela Florenciaig, Lello Segatori, Filippo Antonelli, Dante Putzu, Luigi Mannoia

Thai/Tiger a Thailand secret agent from a Buddhist temple, heads to America to retrieve the ashes Mr. Stone and find out why he was killed. He also carries gems which some ruffians, aware of this, are looking for the man from Thailand to rob him. Won Lon, a Chinaman from Hong Kong and an expert in small knives, is also on the scene. Being mistaken as the Thai, he finally helps Krung. The ruffians are finally defeated by Krung and Won Lon, but Krung is injured. The ruffians, led by Jack, kill a family who know where the Thai is. A beautiful lady offers refuge to Krung. Meanwhile the ruffians storm the town trying to find out where the Thai man is hiding, but the sheriff protects his city. While getting the ashes of Stone from the family of Mary and her mother, Krung falls into a trap but succeeds to escape but he is shot and injured again. Again he gets help from the Won Lon. The ruffians kidnap Mila to exchange her for the jewels. Krung accepts the trade but refuses to disclose to the ruffians where the jewels are as they belong to Buddha.
The treasure is in fact an elephant embossed with jewels. One of the sheriff’s deputies is a traitor and helps to release the imprisoned ruffians while killing the sheriff. They flee to the Mexican border where Mary and her mother are kept as hostages. Finally Krung defeats the ruffians with the help of Won Lon, retrieves the jeweled elephant and offers it to Mary before leaving for Thailand.


  1. Hi, Tom. The potuguese it's incorrect, the correct one it's "O Tigre do Rio Kwai". All teh best.

  2. Thanks Antonio. Change noted and made.