Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who Are Those Guy? - Marcel Bernier

Charles Alexandre Bernier known by his stage name of Marcel Bernier, he was born on August 8, 1912 in Charenton le pont, Val de Marne, France. He appeared in over 30 films from “The Knife to the Throat” in 1955 till his final film “Army of Shadows” in 1969. He often played mobsters including Georges Lautner, Gilles Grangier. Berneir appeared with Jean Gabin in a dozen films and also with Lino Ventura. In filmographies, he is sometimes confused with Guy Henry because of his close resemblance. Marcel appeared in only one Euro-western “Fernand Cowboy” (1956) where he had a small role as a cowboy. Bernier died 21 February 1990 in Bormes les Mimosas, Var, France at the age of 77.

BERNIER, Marcel [8/8/1912, Charenton le pont, Val de Marne, France – 1/21/1990, Bormes les Mimosas, Var, France]
Fernand Cowboy - 1956 (cowboy)

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