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Johnny Oro – Italian title
Ringo med de gyldne pistoler – Danish title
Ringo ja kultainen pistooli – Finnish title
Ringo au pistolet d’or – French title
Ringo mit den goldenen Pistolen – German title
O Ringo kai to hryso pistol tou – Greek title
Ringo ze zlotym rewolweren – Polish title
Ringo e a Sua Pistola de Oiro – Portuguese title
Ringo dödar för dollar – Swedish title
Ringo ve Altin Tabancasi – Turkish title
Ringo injegov zlatni pistolj – Yugoslavian title
Ringo and His Golden Pistol – English title

A 1966 Italian production [Sanson Film (Rome)]
Producer: Joseph Fryd, Silvio Bersoisheimer
Director: Sergio Corbucci
Story: A. Bolzoni (Adriano Bolzoni), F. Rossetti (Franco Rossetti)
Screenplay: A. Bolzoni (Adriano Bolzoni), F. Rossetti (Franco Rossetti)
Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Carlo Savina
Song: “Johnny Ringo” sung by Don Powell
Song: “Band of Gold” sung by Valeria Fabrizi
Running time: 88 minutes

Jonathan Tomadaro Jefferson Gonzales/Johnny Oro/Johnny Ringo – Mark Damon (Alan Herskovitz)
Sheriff Bill Norton – Ettore Manni
Margie – Valeria Fabrizi
Juanito Perez – Franco De Rosa
Joan Norton – Giulia Rubini (Giuliana Rubini)
Sam Gilmore – Andrea Aureli
Stan Norton – Loris Loddi
Matt – Pippo Starnazza
Henchman – Fortunato Arena
Gunman – Palo Figlia
Alcalde Bernard Benal – John Bartha (János Barta)
Slim Anderson – Vittorio Williams Bonos
Townsman – Nino Vingelli
Sebastian – Ken Wood (Giovanni Cianfriglia)
Carlos Perez – Lucio de Santis
Paco Perez – Nando Poggi (Ferdinando Poggi)
Manuela Rodriguez – Silvana Bacci
With: Bruno Scipioni, Giulio Maculani, Evarista Signorini, Amerigo Castrighella, Figlia Francesco

On the heads of the Prez brothers, a band of brigands, hang various size rewards. With the exception of Juanito, who unlike the others, usually travels unarmed and lets the others do his bullying. When one of the brothers forces a girl to marry him Johnny Oro, a famous bounty hunter, interrupts the ceremony and kills him in a legitimate duel. Juanito, he hires Sebastian, a rebellious Apache to lay siege to the village where Johnny has taken refuge threatening the total destruction of the town for offering hospitality to his enemy. But Bill Norton, the sheriff of the town, will stay until the end being loyal to his principles, despite the cowardly citizens' proposals led by the devious merchant Gilmar alienates the population, and has Johnny Oro imprisoned for illegal possession of weapons. The sheriff prepares to defend the town backed only by an old drunk and his wife Joan. The assault begins with a horde of Apaches and bandits. Juanito becomes more insistent on his demands for Oro, despite significant losses, Bill accepts the proposal of Oro, and places a bounty on the last of Perez, while freeing the prisoner. Johnny who had had the foresight to place some dynamite in a strategic position vanquishes the Apaches and bandits, and faces Juanito and kills him.

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