Monday, April 8, 2013

Remembering Günter Schubert

Günter Schubert was born on April 18, 1938 in Weißwasser, Saxony, Germany. He was one of the most successful actors in the GDR and was also known as a voice actor far beyond his country's borders. After graduating from school, Schubert worked as an apprenticeship at a chalice glass maker and in addition to this training he made his first appearances as an amateur actor in Bad Muskau and Senftenberg.

After Schubert had discovered his passion for acting, he opted for drama school, and passed his exam in 1962 at the State Theatre School in London. That same year he took leading roles in theater in Senftenberg and then in 1964 signed on at the Hans Otto Theater in Potsdam.

His television career began in 1970 when he became a member of the Actors Ensemble of television of the GDR. Here, he was predominantly seen in comic roles. After this success he succeeded in the role of the sailor Thomas Müller in the GDR television series "The Lake". He then appeared in various TV shows such as "Bereitschaft Dr. Federau" and "Treffpunkt Flughafen". His talent as a character actor allowed Schubert among others to appear in 1988 film "Der Mann im Baum" and the crime series ‘Polizeiruf 110th’. Here Schubert played a brutal high intensity sex offender. In addition to his acting, Schubert was also a well-known voice actor. He was, for example, "Kjeld Jensen" his voice in parts four and five of the Olsen Gang series. After that Schubert resumed to more theater roles and played among others at the Comedy Dresden. He appeared in such plays as "Rape of the Sabine Women" and "Die Weihnachtsgans Auguste".

Schubert appeared in four Euro-westerns: “The Sons of Great Bear” (1966), “Osceola” (1971), “Tecumseh” (1972) and “The Long Ride to School” (1981).

After his marriage to his first wife Jutta in 1964, Schubert moved to Potsdam, where he lived until their divorce in 2003, he had a daughter Babette and also a son, Alexander, who, like his father, worked as an actor. From 2004 Schubert lived with his second wife in Kienwerder at Potsdam. Günter Schubert died on 2 January 2008 in Berlin.

Today we remember Günter Schubert on what would have been his 75th birthday.

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