Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday José Luis Madrid

José Luis Madrid de la Viña was born on April 11, 1933 in Madrid, Spain. José pursued a Law degree, and enrolled in the IIEC, but did not finish his studies. He then began his film career as a writer with the 1959 film “Gayarre”. The film was based on a story by Domingo Viladomat for which Madrid co-wrote the screenplay with Ignacio Aldecoa and  Enrique Fernández Sintes. José would go on to write screenplays for over 30 films among which were three westerns, which he also would direct: “Epitaph for a Fast Gun” (1965), “Ruthless Colt of the Gringo” and “Who Killed Johnny R.?” (both 1966). He was often credited in English releases as Joseph L. Madrid. As well as being a director and screenwriter, Madrid also produced four films. Madrid served on the boards of several production companies including American Producers Films, SL, Andorra Films, SA, Cinefilms, SL, Ufesa Theatrical Production, SA, Servifilms, SL, Kfilms, SA, José Luis Madrid, PC, Cooperative Groups and Tilma Cinematographic Films, in positions ranging from owner to advisor, he also owned the Picasso and Lumière cinemas, as well as Villalba (Madrid) Apollo Films, which was previously owned by his uncle a former producer, Antonio del Amo. Madrid also worked un-credited on over 24 feature films in Germany for local producer Artur Brauner, most of which were Crime Films, usually consisting of adaptations of novels by Edgar Wallace. In the 1970's these films would be comparable to British low-budget productions. Madrid’s last film to date was “Memorias del general Escobar” (1984) which he produced, directed and co-wrote the screenplay. Now retired, today we celebrate José Luis Madrid’s 80th birthday.

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