Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RIP Veljko Despotović

Serbian art director and production designer Veljko Despotović died April 6, 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia. He was 83. Born in Zagreb, Croatia on October 1, 1931 and graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture in 1958, after which he continued with designing theatre, film and television sets. Between 1950 and 1962 he was working as an assistant in the art department and as an architect in theatre, film and television. Since 1962 he worked as an independent set designer in Serbian and foreign films. He worked on over 150 domestic and foreign movies and co-productions.

Despotović won two Golden Arena awards for Best Production Design at the 1979 and 1984 editions of the Pula Film Festival, the Yugoslav national film awards. For his work on the films “The Man to Kill” (Čovjek koga treba ubiti) 1979; directed by Veljko Bulajić), “Burning” (Usijanje), 1979; directed by Boro Drašković), “Strangler vs. Strangler” (Davitelj protiv davitelja”, 1984; directed by Slobodan Šijan).

Despotović worked on three Euro-westerns: “The Sheriff Was a Lady” (1964) as production designer, “The Treasure of the Aztecs” (1965) as an art director and “Pyramid of the Sun God” (1965) as a production designer.

YouTube video of his set designs:

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