Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who Are Those Guys? - Peter Berling

Peter Berling was born in Meserits-Obrawalde, Prussia on March 20, 1934. He grew up in Berlin and Osnabrück after World War II. He left high school without a diploma because he wanted to study architecture, so he went to the Polytechnic on a two-year internship, where he became a bricklayer and was a journeyman. He then studied graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, and he later studied commercial art for film.

He has worked as an actor in more than 130 films, directed by Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese, Helmut Dietl, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Volker Schlöndorff, Liliana Cavani and in movies by Helge Schneider. He is also a producer, known critic and chronicler. He also has written several screenplays for films in which he’s appeared. He has lived in Rome since 1969. Berling has appeared in five Euro-westerns from “Return of Hallelujah” (1972) to “Texas Doc Snyder” (1993).

Berling still appears on television, and is a regular in the consignments ‘10 vor 11’ and ‘Prime-Time/Spätausgabe’ where he slips into different roles and costumes and is interviewed by Alexander Kluge with mock seriousness. It was only in the mission he learns who he is and what is the theme of the show.

Berling has been a successful novelist since the early 1990s and is the author of several medieval novels. For some of his medieval novels Berling has used the conspiracy theory about the Priory of Sion, the book crusade against the Grail of the SS officer and Esoterikers Otto Rahn and the report Itinerarium Willelmi de Rubruc of William of Rubruk about his journey to the Mongols, and the biography Vie de Saint Louis, Jean de Joinville.

BERLING, Peter [3/20/1934, Meserits-Obrawalde, Prussia - 11/20/2017, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – producer, director, screenwriter, novelist, TV actor.
Whity - 1971 (bartender)
Return of Hallelujah - 1972 (Schultz)
The Three Musketeers of the West - 1973
Tex and the Lord of the Deep - 1985 (El Morisco)
Texas Doc Snyder - 1993 (Hank Snyder)
America in Rome (TV) - 1998 [himself]

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