Sunday, February 24, 2013

Red Bull the Last Apache

Red Bull, der letzte Apache – German title
Red Bull, the Last Apache – English title

A 1920 German production [International Film-Institute GmbH (Heidelberg)]
Director: Piel Jutzi (Philipp Jutzi)
Story: Piel Jutzi (Philipp Jutzi)
Screenplay: Piel Jutzi (Philipp Jutzi)
Cinematography: Ernst Vachenauer [black & white]
Running time: 1264 meters

Red Bull – Conny Carstennsen (Friedrich Worth)
With: Frau Marlow, Dorle Rebah

Story: Unknown

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  1. One of those early 20s "Neckar-Western" made around the corner where I live - to the East for wide landscape and river shots (Ludwigshafen site) and to the West for mountain scenes (Dossenheim near Heidelberg)