Monday, February 4, 2013


Der Ölprinz – German title
Winnetou un der Olprinz – German title
Kralj petroleja – Yugoslavian
Winnetou en de zucht zwaart goud – Belgium title
Petrolejový princ – Czechoslovakian title
Olien flamer over Arizona – Danish title
Winnetou ja Lännen öljyrosvot – Finnish title
Winnetou et l’appat de l’or noir – French title
L'appât de l'or noir – French title
Az olajherceg – Hungarian title
Danza di Guerra per Ringo – Italian title
Winnetou i król nafty – Polish title
Petrolejovy Princ – Russian title
El as alto de los Apaches – Spanish title
Apache Wells – Swedish title
Rampage at Apache Wells – English title

A 1965 West German, Yugoslavian production [Rialto Film (West Berlin), Jadran Film (Zagreb)]
Producers: Horst Wendlandt, Preben Philipsen, Zvonko Kovacic
Director: Harald Philipp
Story: “Der Olprinz” by Karl May
Screenplay: Fred Denger (Alfred Denger), Harald Philipp
Cinematography: Heinz Hölscher [Eastmancolor, Ultrascope]
Music: Martin Böttcher
Running time: 91 minutes

Old Surehand – Stewart Granger (James Stewart)
Winnetou – Pierre Brice (Pierre de Bris)
Bill Campbell – Walter Barnes
Grinley/’The Oil Prince’ – Harald Leipnitz
Lizzy – Macha Méril (Maria Gagarine)
Mrs. Anna Ebersbach – Antje Weissgerber
Richard Forsythe – Mario Girotti
Kantor Aurelius Hampel – Heinz Erhardt
Jeremy ‘Old Wabbles’ Sanders – Paddy Fox (Milutin Srdoc)
Mokazchi – Mavid Popovic (Milivoje Popovic-Mavid)
Kovacs – Gerd Frickhöffer (Gerhard Frickhöffer)
Knife – Slobodan Dimitrijevic
Butler – Dusan Janicijevic
Paddy – Davor Antolic
Bergmann – Veljko Maricic
Webster – Ilija Ivezic
Billy Forner – Zvonimir Crnko
Bandits – Stole Arandjelovic (Stojan Arandjelovic), Jovan Janicijevic, Misko Poljanec
Toby – Marinko Cosic
Nitsas-Ini – Petar Dobric
Mokaschi’s son – Sime Jagarinac (Simun Jagarinac)
Duncan – Vladimir Leib
Jnekins – Antun Nalis
Jimmy Campbell – Petar Petrovic
Jack Campbell – Branko Supek
John Campbell – Slobodan Vedernjak
Baby on raft – Sabine Bredemeyer
With: Valent Borovic

Grinley ‘The Oil Prince’ is a sneaky villain who sells worthless oil claims to wealthy investors. Now he wants to pull off a huge scheme by selling a large oilfield, located near Shelly Lake, which is in Indian Territory, to the Western Arizona Bank, but his plans are crossed up by a group of colonists, who want to settle there. A settlement near the lake means trouble with the Indians and possibly the interference of the army, so the Oil Prince kills the wagon master of the settlers, and replaces him with one of his own men, who has been instructed to lead them elsewhere. Winnetou and Old Surehand are soon on to his scheme and discover what has happened. Winnetou offers to replace the dead wagon master, but then the Oil Prince kills the son of a Navajo chief, and puts the blame on the settlers. Finally Chief Mokazchi learns the truth and his braves take care of Grinley and he allows the settlers to live in peace.