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Giubbe rosse – Italian title
Redcoats – Danish title
Bill Cormack, le federe – French title
Die Rotröcke – German title
Dei gnadenlose Meute – German title
Cormack, o atromitos kynigos – Greek title
Czerwone kubraki – Polish title
Guerrera rojas – Spanish title
Colmillo blanco al ataque – Spanish title
Cormack of the Mounties – English title
Killers of the Savage North – English title
Royal Mounted Police – English title
The Mounties – English title
Red Coat – English title

A 1974 Italian production [Coralta Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Alfonso Donati
Director: Joe D’Amato (Aristide Massaccessi)
Story: Claudio Bernabei, Aristide Massaccessi
Screenplay: Claudio Bernabei, Aristide Massaccessi, George Eastman (Luigi Montefiori)
Cinematography: Joe D’Amato (Aristide Massaccessi) [Technicolor, widescreen]
Music: Carlo Rustichelli
Song: “Day After Day” sung by Lynne Frederick
Running time: 100 minutes

Corporal Bill Cormack – Fabio Testi
Doctor Higgins – Lionel Stander
Wolf Seattle – Robert Hundar (Claudio Undari)
Jimmy Cormack – Renato Cestie
Caribou – Guido Mannari
Elizabeth Tilries – Lynn Frederick
Andy O’Brien – Lars Bloch
Lieutenant – Daniele Dublino
Shee-Noa – Wendy Deborah D’Olive
Fred – Aldo Cecconi
RMP Commander – Geoffrey Copleston (Gerard Copleston)
Logan – Bruno Corazzari
Townsman – Elio Angelucci
Wolf henchman – Luigi Antonio Guerra, Emilio Messina, Renzo Pevarello, Massimo Ciprari
With: Paolo Magaloti, Lucio Montanaro, Angelo Boscarial

Caribou’s girlfriend Elizabeth is a famous singer, and he exploits her to pay for his disastrous poker games and boozing. Bill Cormack, a sergeant in the RCMP, saves him after he flees from the fury of a saloon crowd. From now on Caribou will live the life of an outlaw. With other accomplices he steals a gold shipment from a mail courier. He leaves his outlaw friends and comes back to Elisabeth and tries to force her to elope with him to the United States. The woman, however, chooses Bill, who has remained close to her but with disinterested affection. Between the two men a deep hatred develops. From now on, Bill Cormack, known as ‘The Hunter” for his toughness, pursues only Caribou. Bill marries Elizabeth and they have a son Jimmy. Imprisoned for the umpteenth time, Caribou manages to escape: out for revenge against Cormack. Caribou finds out that Elizabeth has died and left Bill to care for Jimmy. Caribou kidnaps Jimmy and takes him to the far North where he has hidden the gold stolen from the mail carrier. Bill pursues him with a squad of Redcoats. Also on Caribou’s trail are the bandits, led by Wolf, who were part of the robbery. On the way, Jimmy gets sick and is operated on by a doctor who then reveals the presence of Bill. A final showdown takes place between the two adversaries. Bill could kill him but reveals why he cannot: Caribou is his brother. Coming upon the bandits, Caribou and Bill stand against them to protect Jimmy. Caribou is shot to death during the gunfight.

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