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Ramon il messicano – Italian title
Ramon le Mexicain – French title
A Vingança Do Bandoleiro – Brazilian title
Onde Começa O Inferno – Brazilian title
Onde Termina o Inferno – Brazilian titler
Venganza sin piedad – Spanish title
Ramon el Mejicano – Spanish title
Ramon the Mexican – English title

A 1966 Italian production [Magic Films (Rome)]
Producer: Marino Carpano
Director: Maurizio Pradeaux
Story: Maurizio Pradeaux
Screenplay: Maurizio Pradeaux
Cinematography: Oberdan Troiani [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Felipe De Stefano (Felice Di Stefano)
Running time: 93 minutes

Ramon Morales – Robert Hundar (Claudio Undari)
Slim Baxter – Jean Louis
Esmeralda Baxter – Wilma Lindamar (Vilma da Silva)
Señor Reed Baxter – Hugo Harden (Ugo Sasso)
Señora Baxter – Laura Nucci
John Baxter – Thomas Clay (Ferruccio Viotti)
Joselito/Coveiro - Renato Trottolo
Patty/Mary – Giovanna Lenzi
Jack Castro/Karson – Aldo Berti
Juan Morales – Antonio Basile
Kelton – Claudio Biava (Claudio Biavati)
Lucas – José Torres (José Medina)
Pedro – Nino Musco
Sheriff  – Gualtiero Rispoli
Morales henchmen - Omero Gargano, Mario Darnell (Mario Dardanelli), Bruno Arie
Gambler – Alfredo Zanni (Alfredo Zamarion)
Gunfighter – Lucas Rossi (Luciano Rossi)
With: Hanil Ranieri

Slim Baxter’s girlfriend, Esmeralda, while bathing in the river, is beset by Juan Morales. Joe comes along and tries to fight Juan off but he pulls a gun and just before firing he is killed by Slim Fearing the vengeance of the Morales family, Slim is induced by his father to leave the country. Nevertheless in revenge for the death of Morales, Ramon leads his gang and kills Mr. Baxter and captures Esmeralda. Slim learns of what has happened from Joselito, the old town busybody and tells Slim, Ramon has challenged him to a duel. When Slim accepts and arrives Ramon shoots him down and rides away leaving him for dead. Esmeralda tells Ramon she will become his mistress if she will be allowed to save Slim. She nurses him back to help and after recovering Slim, gathers around him a group of "gunmen" with which he intends to permanently deal with Morales. Ramon organizes a surprise attack on the Baxter ranch. He and his gang exterminate the ranch hands and kill Slim’s mother. John Baxter returning home finds the dead body of his mother and goes to town to face Ramon. Ramon guns down John and rides off. Now alone Slim comes to town in the disguise of a preacher when Ramon, surrounded by his brothers, is heading to the church where he has forced Esmeralda to marry him. This time Slim eliminates all the Morales once and for all.


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