Friday, February 1, 2013

Who Are Those Guys? - Patrick Bergin

Patrick Connolly Bergin was born on February 4, 1951 in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland. Patrick is the younger brother of actor Emmet Bergin. He is best known internationally for playing the menacing husband of Julia Roberts' character in the thriller “Sleeping with the Enemy” (1991) and is also known for his role as Irish terrorist Kevin O'Donnell in the film adaption of “Patriot Games” (1992). Bergin also appeared as Robin Hood in a 1991 TV movie. He recently played the role of psychotic Provisional Irish Republican Army gunman in “Johnny Was” (2006), opposite Vinnie Jones and Roger Daltrey. Currently, he leads the band ‘Patrick Bergin and the Spirit Merchants’. Bergin had a top 10 hit in Ireland with the song "The Knacker", which tells the story of a person who recycles horse carcasses and turns them into glue. He also appeared in the video of DJ Steve Mac's song ‘Paddy's Revenge’. Patrick has appeared in two Euro-westerns “One Man’s Hero” (1999) with Tom Berenger and “GallowWalker” (2008) with Wesley Snipes.

BERGIN, Patrick Connolly [2/4/1951, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland -     ] - producer, singer, TV actor, brother of actor Emmet Bergin.
One Man’s Hero - 1999 (General Winfield Scott)
GallowWalker - 2008 (Marshall Gaza)

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