Monday, February 25, 2013

Who Are Those Guys? - Manuel Bermudez

Manuel Bermúdez was born on March 20, 1913 in Madrid, Spain. He teamed with Eduardo Ruiz de Velasco [1919-1995] where he gained fame as one-half of the children’s comedy team ‘Pototo y Boliche’ which performed on Radio Madrid in the 1940s. The pair even starred in a 1948 film “Pototo, Boliche y Compañía”. By 1950 the comedy team had split and Bermudez pursued a film career appearing in over 15 films, one of which was the Euro-western “Ringo the Face of Revenge” (1966) as Paco, which starred Anthony Steffen, Eduardo Fajardo and Frank Wolff. Bermudez’s last film was a voice actor in 1973’s “Magic Adventure”. Manuel passed away in Alicante, Valencia, Spain on September 4, 1978.

BERMUDEZ, Manuel (aka Boliche, Manolo Bermudez) (Manuel Bermúdez) [3/20/1913, Madrid, Madrid, Spain – 9/4/1978, Alicante, Valencia, Spain] – radio comedian, voice actor, half of the radio comedy team ‘Pototo y Boliche’
Ringo the Face of Revenge – 1966 (Paco)

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