Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Remembering Laura Nucci

Maria Laura Lodovici was born on February 26, 1913 in Carrara, Tuscany Italy. She was the sister of director and actor Carlo Lodovici [1912-1982]. Using the stage name Laura Nucci  she began a collaboration with Alessandro Blasetti participating in many of his films, usually in the role of the antagonist or the femme fatale She would appear in over 60 films and TV appearances including the role of Mrs. Baxter in her only Euro-western “Ramon the Mexican” (1966). In 1981 she played the role of Ida in the movie “Ricomincio da tre” directed by Massimo Troisi. On television, she was part of the cast of the 1957 television series “Orgoglio e pregiudizio” (Pride and Prejudice), directed by Daniele D'Anza. Nucci passed away on January 10, 1994 in Rome at the age of 80. Today we remember Laura Nucci on what would have been her 100th birthday.

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