Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy 65th Birthday Marta Monterrey

 Marta Monterrey was born Maria Salerno on February 14, 1948 in León, Castilla y León, Spain. She’s best known for her television appearances especially on ‘Las Chicas del un, dos tres’ Before this she was an actress seen in spaghetti westerns such as “Garringo” (1969), “Another Dollar for the McGregors”, and “Reverend Colt” both (1970). On the radio she voiced more than 500 episodes of the soap opera of the SER “Simply Maria”. She then became an actress in erotic cinema under her real name Maria Salerno with films like “Terapia al desnudo” (1975), “Las delicias de los verdes años” (1976) by Antonio Mercer, “El erótico enmascarado” (1980) by Mariano Ozores, “The masseuse vocational” (1981) and “Playboy en paro” (1984). Among her last films as an actress included “Le llamaban J.R.” (1982), “J.R. contraataca” (1984) and “El misterio de Cynthia Baird” (1985). She also hosted the TV program ‘Applause’ (1978) and ‘De película’ (1982). In the mid-1980s she retired from show business. Today we celebrate Marta Monterrey’s 65th birthday.

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