Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Remembering Hans Nielsen

Hans Albert  Nielsen was born on November 30, 1911 in Hamburg, Germany. The son of a merchant he takes acting lessons with Albrecht Schoenhals  and make his stage  debut at the Hamburg Kammerspielen. After Kiel, Augsburg and Leipzig, he arrives in Berlin in 1937, after the Second World War he is seen on stage in Munich, Dusseldorf and West Berlin and also makes his film debut . In 1948, he begins making guest appearances in DEFA films. There he starred in the satirical film "Chemistry and Love" (1948), playing the chemist Dr. Michael Alland, who manages to produce from green grass, butter bypassing the cow. In 50 years, Nielsen's girth increased significantly, he then played influential businessmen,  lawyers, clergy, loving fathers, but also fat, sneaky types, even murderers. Then at only 53 year of age he dies of leukemia on October 13, 1965. Nielsen appeared in 7 Euro-westerns from “Bullets Don’t Argue” (1964) as Reverend Alavarez to “A Place Called Glory” (1965) as the mayor. He appeared in 1971’s “Prairie in the City” via the use of archive footage. Today we remember Hans Nielsen on what would have been his 100th birthday.

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