Thursday, November 17, 2011


La justicia del Coyote - Spanish title
La justice du Coyote - French title
Die Rache des Coyoten - German title
O xifomahos tou Sacramento - Greek title
La giustizia del Coyote - Italian title
Coyote - English title
The Judgment of the Coyote - English title

A 1954 Spanish, Mexican co-production [Centauro Films (Madrid), Oro Films (Mexico City)]
Producer: Gonzalo Elvira
Director: J.L. Romero Marchent (Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent)
Story: Jose Mallorqui
Screenplay: Jesus Franco Manera, J. Chamor (Pedro Chamorro)
Cinematography: Ricardo Torres (Ricardo Nunez) [black & white]
Music: Odon Alonso (Odon Ordas)
Running time: 84 minutes

Cesar de Echague/’El Coyote’ - Abel Salazar (Abel Garcia)
Leonor de Acevedo/Mara - Gloria Marin (Gloria Ramos)
Edmund Greene - Manuel Monroy (Manuel Arregui)
Colonel Clark - Miguel Pastor Mata
Don Cesar de Echague Sr. - Rafael Bardem (Rafael Sole)
Ricardo - Carlos Otero (Carlos Pereira)
gunmen - Antonio G. Quijada (Antonio Garcia Quijada), Emilio Rodriquez
with: Julio Gorostegui, Mario Moreno, Jose G. Rey, Luis Dominguez Luna, Antonio Fornis, Angel Alvarez (Angel Fernandez), Manuel San Roman, Alfredo Muniz, Pepita, Bravo, Jose Riesgo (Jose Cortina), Joaquin Burgos, Antonio Moreno, Hector Mayro, Mary Sol Luna (Maria Sol Luna)

A sequel to ‘The Coyote" (1954), Cesar de Echague aka ‘El Coyote, continues his fight against injustices and abuse committed by the U.S. military against the Hispanic people of California during the middle 1840s. At the same time he tries to win the hand of the lovely Leonor de Acevedo.


  1. In a still unpublished interview I questioned the cowriter and assistant director of this film, Jesus Franco, about the production of this film and the other Marchent directed COYOTE feature. He remembered it as being very chaotic due to the fact that it was shot in a rush-back-to-back-with THE COYOTE, and that they had quite a bit of trouble with Abel Salazar who they realized during shooting was miscast and not cooperating with the director. I haven't seen these films and am not aware of any US/English friendly DVD or video of them.

  2. Tom Betts said...

    I've seen Spanish versions of both films and "Judgment of the Coyote" is the best of the two. I thought it was very dark for a 1954 film. There's a man shown hanging in a few scenes after being lynched and Salazar's Coyote is a very tough, no nonsense protector of the peons not like the Zorro films. You can definitely see Franco's influence and touches.

  3. I plan on making a TV series out of El Coyote called, "Viva El Coyote!" The show will take place in California in the 1840s and it will be animated. I, of course, will play the role of Juan Ramon Luis Vega De La Nova, AKA "El Coyote". He will have a trusty sidekick, Humberto, who is always thinking about women and food. His horse will be named Concho and he will wear all black. I'm hoping that either Warner Bros. or Universal will pick up the show in the near future because I do NOT trust Disney. Other than that, all I can say is wish me luck.