Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Le juge Roy Bean - French title
La loi a l’ouest du Pecos - French title
La tueur ainme les bonbons - French title
All’ovest di Sacramento - Italian title
El Juez - Spanish title
Das Gesetz in Westen von Pecos - German title
Trouble in Sacramento - English title
The Law of Langtry - English title
Judge Roy Bean - English title

A 1971 French, Italian co-production [Copernic-Cormacico (Paris), Milvia Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producers: Maurice Jacquin, Paul Laffargue
Director: Richard Owens (Federico Chentrens), Jean Girault
Story: Jacques Villfrid based on a character created by Rene Goscinny and Maurice de Bevere
Screenplay: Luigi Angelo, Federico Chentrens, Oscar De Mans
Cinematography: Mario Fioretti [Kodakcolor, widescreen]
Music: Pierre Perret
Song: “Le judge” sung by Pierre Perret
Running time: 92 minutes

Judge Roy Bean/Rocco Pedace - Pierre Pierret
Black Bird/’The Sicilian’ - Robert Hussein (Robert Husseinoff)
Cat/Katy - Silvia Monti (Silvia Cornacchia)
Antonio Burke - Xavier Gelin
Buck Carson - Angelo Infanti

Dolly - Francoise Girault
Victoria - Paola Borboni
Post Mortem - Tiberio Murgia
pistolero - Giuliano Disperati
Joe Picadilly - Silvio Bagolini
Pastor - Werner Hasselmann
orphan - Cristina Gaioni (Maria Gaioni)
Jeremie - Franco Gula (Francesco Gula)
Slim - Ugo Fangareggi
with: Anne-Marie Balin, Antonio Gradoli, Alberto Alessandri, Carlo Delle Piane, Serafino Profumo, Nerina Montagnani, Muriel Blain

Rocco Pedace  has settled in a small village in the West, where he directs and administers a saloon with a very personal justice. One day, near the village,  a stagecoach is attacked and its load of gold ends up in possession of Rocco’s granddaughter Cat, who he hides. A bounty hunter, a Sicilian mafioso, comes to town, on the trail of Cat, and enters into direct competition with Rocco. The two play a game of cards for the supremacy of the town. Defeated, Rocco must leave town. The bounty hunter finds Cat and prepares a gallows to hang the suspected thief. Rocco comes back to town and defeats the bounty hunter in a showdown. Cat meanwhile attempts to flee town with her boyfriend Buck and the gold but is stopped by Rocco.

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