Monday, November 21, 2011

Justice of the Red Skin

Le justice du peau-rouges - French title
Justice of the Red Skin - English title

A 1908 French production [Pathé Frères (Paris)]
Producer: ?
Director: ?
Story: ?
Screenplay: ?
Cinematography: ? [black & white]
Running time: 155 meters

Cast: ?

An Indian and a somewhat corpulent little white girl are in a meadow where he helps her pick flowers. They see a stranger in search of his way. They go with him to an inn. The weary traveler sits down and invites the Indian to have a drink. The server holding that the inn has a lot of foreign money in then slips a drug into their drink and they fall asleep. The server wastes no time searching the pockets of the men, when suddenly the girl appears and gives the alarm. The server grabs her and strangles her to death then hides her body under a pile of straw in a nearby barn The child's parents arrive at the inn in search of their little girl. Seeing the two men asleep, they wake them to see if they have seen the child. The traveler then realizes he’s been robbed and accuses the Indian who protests his innocence and sets out to find the culprit. The traveler catches up and what follows is a fierce battle with the Indian the winner. He brings his prisoner bound hand and foot back to the inn. There he confronts the murderer after finding the victim's body and now a vigilante drags the miserable killer up a precipice and throws him into the stream which he hopes he will not come out alive.

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