Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Barbara Frey

Barbara Freyde was born on November 17, 1941 in Berlin, Germany. She began working as a dressmaker in the film industry where she was discovered and given the lead in thr 1957 film "Endstation Liebe". Deciding to pursue acting as a career she took acing lessons with actress Marlise Ludwig [1886-1982] while continuing to appear in young adult love films such as "Liebe mit zwanzig" (Love at Twenty). She would go on to appear in several thrillers and adventure films. In 1966 she met Mark Damon [1933- ] when she appeared in the film "Kill and Pray" later the two were married for a few years [1971-1973]. Barbara appeared in three Euro-westerns besides the previously mentioned "Kill and Pray" she also appeared in $5,000 on One Ace"(1964) and "A Stranger in Sacramento" (1965). Frey continues to be active today appearing on TV films and series. Today we celebrate Barbara Frey’s 70th birthday.

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