Sunday, November 27, 2011


Kentina - U.K. title

A 2010 British production [Damaged Goods Entertainment, Ivory Films (London)]
Producers: Michael J. Berwick (Michael John Berwick), Jon Smith
Director: Michael J. Berwick (Michael John Berwick)
Story: Michael J. Berwick (Michael John Berwick), Jon Smith
Screenplay: Michael J. Berwick (Michael John Berwick), Jon Smith
Cinematography: Jon Smith (color)
Music: Chris Matthews

Running time: 19 minutes

Outlaw Dutch - Jason Croot
Red - Nigel Casey
Garrett - Spencer Austin
sheriff - Paul Adams
outlaws - Nick Berwick, Martin Pickering
Emily - Hannah Gover
bounty hunter - Tony Adams
with: Stan Fillery

Garrett is a desperate man trying to escape his life as an outlaw to return to Emily, the girl he fell in love with, in the hope for a peaceful life. But his brother Red, and fellow bandits are not just going to let him leave the life he chose.

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  1. Kentina so8unds like a very unique British Western. I plan on making a Western film adaptation of "Oliver Twist" called, "Western Twist" which will be filmed in London. Wish me the best of luck.