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Aqui llega Condemor - Spanish title
Aqui llega Condemor (el pecador de el pradera) - Spanish title
Here Comes Condemor - English title
Here Comes Condemor (The Sinner of the Plains) - English title

A 1996 Spanish production [Produciones A.S.H. Films S.A. (Madrid)]
Producers: Julio Parra, Sonia Vives
Director: Alvaro Saenz de Heredia
Story: Alvaro Saenz de Heredia
Screenplay: Alvaro Saenz de Heredia
Cinematography: Julio Bragado [Eastmancolor, Panaramico]
Music: Ramon Farran
Running time: 90 minutes

Condemor - ‘Chiquito de la Calzada’ (Gregorio Fernandez)
Belle Jolly - Sol Abad
Luke/Lucas - Bigote Arrocet (Edmondo Von Lohse)
Adela - Maria Jose Nieto
Valerio - Aldo Sanbrell (Alfredo Brell)
Tuerto - Julio Tejeda
Chico - Naim Thomas (Naim Mansilla)
miner - Cesar Varona
justice of the peace - Juan Molto
drunk - Pepe ruiz
Herrero - Jose Yepes (Jose Cardo)
Maton - Maria J. Alvarez (Maria Jose Alvarez)
Crazy Horse - Derrick Vopelca (Derrick Vopelka)
worker - Fabian Conde
sheriff - Ramon Ruisenor
mortician - Angel Gonzalvez
bandido - F. Barrliado (Francisco Barrilado)
with: J.M. Torres, Francisco M. Garcia

The adventures of French aristocrat, "Condemor", and Luke, his faithful Mexican servant. The pair become lost in the wilderness of the Far West, looking for a way to return to Paris. Following an inadvertent demonstration of courage, "Condemor" is appointed sheriff of El Paso. This arrangement is not to their liking and they are forced to chase the outlaw "One Eye" and solve the mystery of the whereabouts of a boy named Tommy’s father and also the location of the legendary El Dorado, a fabulous gold mine. The plot thickens when Condemor’s platonic love, "Belle Jolly" a saloon singer, is also kidnapped by ‘One Eye’.

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