Friday, July 29, 2011

Guess Who I Am

I started out as a child actor and appeared in only one Euro-western filmed in Spain in 1971. Guess who I am.

I’m the son of a famous American actor in whose films I sometimes appeared. Guess who I am.

I was a production executive at M-G-M and produced 7 films. Guess who I am.

Chris Casey correctly named David Ladd, son of Alan Ladd, as this week's photo.


  1. That'd be David Ladd, Alan Ladd's son.
    The Euro-Western he was in was CATLOW--featuring Dan van Husen!

  2. Tom Betts said...

    Bingo Chris! It's David Ladd.

  3. That's David Ladd. The son of Shane, Alan Ladd. I've seen him in several films and one of them was "Catlow". Even saw him on "Bonanza". Great kid.