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Odia il prossimo tuo! - Italian title
A Lei do Ódio e da Vingança - Brazilian title
Le salaire de la haine - French title
Hasse deinen Nächsten - German title
Oi skliroi pethainoun neoi - Greek title
Korkunc intikam - Turkish title
Hate Thy Neighbor - English title
Hate Your Neighbor - English title  

A 1968 Italian production [Cinecidi Films (Rome)]
Producer: Enrico Cogliati Dezza
Director: Ferdinando Baldi
Story: Lugi Angelo, Ferdinando Baldi, Roberto Natale
Screenplay: Lugi Angelo, Ferdinando Baldi, Roberto Natale
Cinematography: Enzo Serafin (Vincenzo Serafin) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Robby Poitevin
Song: "Two Friends" sung by Raoul (Ettore Lovecchio)
Running time: 95 minutes

Ken Dakota - Clyde Garner (Xiros Andros)
Peggy Savalas - Nicoletta Machiavelli
Gary Stevens - George Eastman (Luigi Montefiore)
Chris Malone - Horst Frank
Duke - Robert Rice (Roberto Risso)
sheriff - Franco Fantasia (Francisco Fantasia)
José - Paolo Magalotti
Pat - Claudio Castellani
Doc - Franco Gulà (Francesco Gulà)
Bill Dakota - Remo de Angelis
Mrs. Malone - Ivy Holzer
Malone henchman - Osiride Pevarello
bartender - Ivan Scratuglia (Giovanni Scratuglia)

Gary Stevens, a henchman of rich landowner Chris Malone, kills Bill Dakota owner of a map of a rich goldfield, and his young wife. Ken Dakota, Bill’s brother, seeks to avenge his death and recover the valuable map that is now in the hands of two outlaws. Gary is arrested and convicted of murder, Ken must attend the trial, but is unable to intervene in getting the bandit free from Chris and his henchmen. The map of the goldfields, however, is passed from the hands of Gary to Ken, who does not hesitate to offer it to Chris on the condition that he brings justice for the murders of his relatives. Just to get hold of the map, Chris delivers it to Ken’s accomplice who in turn accuses Malone of being the instigator of the crime. With this testimony Ken captures Chris and entrusts him to the sheriff so that justice is done.

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