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Partirono preti, tornarono... curati - Italian title
Oi 2 trinita apo ti Vera Cruz - Greek title
Halleluja Vera Cruz - Greek title
Aranyvadászok - Hungarian title
Hallelujah to Vera Cruz - English title

A 1973 Italian production [C.I.P.D.I. (Rome)]
Producer: Bianco Manini
Director: Newman Rostel (Bianco Manini)
Story: Ofelia Minaldi
Screenplay: Bianco Manini
Cinematography: Carlo Carlini [Eastmancolor, Cinescope]
Music: Luis E. Bacalov (Luis Enriquez Bacalov)
Song: "Blue Eggs and Ham" sung by ?
Running time: 102 minutes

Sam ‘Tonaca’ Thompson - Lionel Stander
Joe/John the Timid - Riccardo Salvino
Don Felipe - Jean Louis
General ‘Stumpy’ Miguel - Giampiero Albertini
Adelita - Clara Hopf
Governor of Vera Cruz - Camillo Milli (Camillo Migliori)
Colonel of Regularies - Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
clown - Colombaiomi (Falvio Colombaiomi)
revolutionaries - Spartaco Conversi, Osiride Pevarello
with: Giancarlo Badessi (Giancarlo Badese), Rick Boyd (Federico Boido), Sergio Serafini, Francesca Milizia, Stefano Patrizi, Renato Salvini, Anita Strinberg, Alvaro Vitali, Luigi Antonio Guerra, Carla Mancini

Sam and Joe, two wanted outlaws, are roaming around revolution-torn Mexico in search of safety and easy money. "Stumpy", a revolutionary leader, capture them and pretending to believe they are priests from the clerical disguise they are using, presents to them a plan to steal a non-existent cargo of gold, from the coffers of the governor for a large ransom. The two drifters then get involved in a series of adventures during which Sam and Joe humiliate an arrogant landowner named Don Felipe, are involved in shootings in the massacre of "Regulares". Joe also wins Adelita, the granddaughter of "Stumpy" living in the rectory of a small town where, to remedy the loss of the statue of St. Theodosius, old Sam is carried in procession disguised as the statue. A gust of wind redistributes the governor’s money to the people. Joe is happy because he will be able to remain with Adelita while Sam takes comfort in the prospect of appearing in a movie in the disguise of a cardinal.

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  1. Fellegy is playing a Colonel of the Regular Troupes, my Dizionario is saying.

  2. Thanks Fatman, I will add his character.