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Ocaso de un pistolero - Spanish title
Manos de pistolero - Spanish title
Il destino di un pistolero - Italian title
Mani di pistolero - Italian title
Mãos de Pistoleiros - Brazilian title
Dans les mains du pistolero - French title
Blei ist sein Lohn - German title
I ekdikisis ton pistoleros - Greek title
Texas Jack - English title
Gunman’s Hands - English title
Hands of a Gunman - English title
Hands of a Gunfighter - English title

A 1965 Spanish, Italian co-production [Astro Cooperativa Cinematografica (Madrid), P.E.A. (Rome)]
Producer: Ricardo Sanz
Director: Rafael Romero Marchent
Story: Joaquín Romero Hernández (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent)
Screenplay: Joaquín Romero Hernández (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent)
Cinematography: Miguel Mila, Fausto Zuccoli [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: Angelo F. Lavagnino (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
Running time: 88 minutes

Dan Murphy/Richard Marci - Craig Hill (Craig Fowler)
Laura/Miriam Murphy - Gloria Milland (Mara Fiè)
Pat Davis - Carlos Romero Marchent
Margaret Dixon - Conchita Núñez
Sheriff Robert Rogers - Jesús Puente (Jesús Alzaga)
Johnny Castle/Castell/Carter - José Guardiola
Davy Castle/Castell/Carter - Piero Lulli (Giusva Lulli)
Mack - Ralph Baldwyn (Raffaele Baldassarre)
Alex Dixon - Paco Sanz (Francisco Sanz)
Sheriff Ford - John Bartha (János Barta)
Charlie Castle/Castell/Carter - Hugo Blanco (Hugo Galiasso)
Slim Castle/Castell/Carter - Lorenzo Robledo
Andy - Francisco Huetos
Cap - Luis Induni (Luigi Radicci)
judge - Jesús Guzmán (Jesús Areta)
barman - Rufino Inglés (Rufino Garcia)
Borrachin - Goyo Lebrero
townsmen - José Villasante, Emilio Rodriguez

Dan Murphy, a former gunslinger, now is married and has lead a quiet life for sometime. One day, however, he is recognized by a sheriff, and in an attempt to stop him, his son is accidentally killed. Desperate Dan kidnaps the son of the sheriff and accompanied by his wife, flees. He tries to rebuild his life with honor, but his dream of peace is abruptly interrupted by two circumstances: the bullying Castle brothers and the appearance of an emissary from the sheriff who Dan has stolen his son. When pressed, Dan must start again pick up his gun and eliminate the Castle brothers them one by one. He is also forced also to return the child to the sheriff. But later, depressed and remains deaf to the pleas of his wife, to leave their the ranch where they live the sheriff find them and in the duel that follows, Dan is killed.

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  1. Another early Marchent Western that I enjoy very, very much!

  2. I plan on remaking this film in the future. But first I'll have to see it on YouTube. If you're looking for the film itself, go to Grjngo Western Movies in the search and the channel will pop up. The film will be there along with some other Spaghetti Westerns you've probably never seen yet.