Monday, June 13, 2011

Who are Those Guys? - Per Barclay

                                       [Per Barclay Top row far right]

Per Barclay’s real name was Erik Atberg and he was born on November 17, 1894 in Sweden. According to my friend, actor Dan van Husen, he was much older then the other members of the cast of "Doc" and was very nervous in front of the camera, but the directors he worked for liked his rugged looking face so he was used in westerns and other adventure films. Barclay appeared in six Euro-westerns always in supporting roles. Supposedly Per died somewhere and sometime in 1983.

BARCLAY, Per (aka Eric Barclay) (Erik Atberg) [11/17/1894, Sweden - 1983]
El Condor - 1969 (convict)
Captain Apache - 1971 (senator)
Catlow - 1971 (cattle boss)
Doc - 1971 (Clanton cowboy)
Valdez is Coming - 1971 (townsman)
Bad Man’s River - 1972 (reverend/Alicia’s/Alice’s father)

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  1. Per briefly lived with my family in Madrid in 1973. He was kind of a gentle giant of a man, and one of the host of interesting characters that my family encountered during that time.