Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Hélène Chanel

Hélène Stoharoff was born on June 12, 1941 Deauville, Calvados, France and is the sister of actress Nicole Stoharoff. Hélène was active in European films from 1959 until her last appearance in 1977's "Wifemistress". She began her film career as a double for actress Luisella Visconti. She used several pseudonyms during her career such as Helene Chancel, Sherill Morgan Sheeyll Morgan, Heleen Stoliaroff but is best known to Spaghetti western fans as Hélène Chanel. Most of her 50+ film appearances were in comedies but she also appeared in several drama and adventure films as well as seven Euro-westerns including such titles as "Un dollaro da fifa" (1960), "Two Mafiamen in the Far West: (1964), "Two R-R-Ringos from Texas" (1967) but she’s probably best remember for her appearances in "Cjamango" with Sean Todd (Ivan Rassimov) as Pearl Hernandez and "Killer Caliber .32" with Peter Lee Lawrence as Dolly. Both films were made in 1967. She left the industry in the late 1970s and her whereabouts today are unknown but we have not forgotten Hélène Chanel and today celebrate her 70th birthday.


  1. I loved you Helene in Cjamango :) Happy Birthday!

  2. One of the most beautiful women ever!