Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy 75th Birthday Tony Musante

Antonio ‘Tony’ Peter Musante, Jr. was born on June 30, 1936 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. After attending college he became an actor appearing on stage and in films both in the U.S. and Italy. He found fame on the TV series "Toma" (1973-1974) where he played a detective. The series was a predecessor to "Baretta" starring Robert Blake. Tony also appeared as Joe D’Angelo on the soap opera "As the World Turns" from 2000-2003 and the TV series "Oz" (1997). Semi-active today his last film was in 2007's "We Own the Night". Tony appeared in only one Euro-western as Paco Roman in "The Mercenary" (1968) co-starring Franco Nero and Jack Palance. Today we celebrate Tony Musante’s 75th birthday.

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  1. Je l'aime beaucoup dans l'Oiseau au plumage de cristal, d'argento.