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Los pistoleros de Casa Grande - Spanish title
Banditterne fra Casa Grande - Danish title
I pistoleros di Casa Grande - Italian title
Les hors-la-loi de Casa Grande - French title
Pulverdampf in Casa Grande - German title
Oi ekdikitai tou Casa Grande - Greek title
Striden Vid Casa Grande - Swedish title
Gunfighters of Casa Grande - English title

A 1963, U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Gregor Production (Hollywood), Tecisa (Madrid]
Producers: Lester Welch, Sam X. Abarbanel
Director: Roy Rowland
Story: Borden Chase (Frank Fowler), Patricia Chase
Screenplay: Borden Chase (Frank Fowler), Patricia Chase, Clarke Reynolds
Cinematography: José F. Aguayo (José Fernandez Aguayo), Manuel Merino [Metrocolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Johnny Douglas (John Douglas), Robert Mellin
Running time: 90 minutes

Joe Daylight - Alex Nicol (Alexander Nicol, Jr.)
Viajero/’The Traveler’ - Jorge Mistral (Modesto Rosell)
‘Laughing Kid’/Chico - Steve Rowland (Stephen Rowland)
Doc Kindley - Dick Bentley (Richard Bentley)
Henri Verain - Phil Posner (Phillip Posner)
Dona Maria de Castellar - Mercedes Alonso (María Gómez)
Gitana - Diana Lorys (Ana Vega)
Pacesita - María Granada (Manuela Barrosa)
Don Castellar de Verdugo - Roberto Rey (Roberto Inglesias)
Rojo - Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Carlos - Toni Fuentes (Antonio Fuentes)
Don Ariola - Ángel Solano (Juan Solano)
sheriff - Jim Gillen (James Gillen)
deputy - Mike Ekiss (Michael Ekiss)
Mario - Fernando Villena
Francisco - Emilio Rodríguez
Senora Durano - Ana María Custodio
Rio - Mario Barros (Mario de Barros)
Pecos - Iván Tubau
Manuel - José Mayens (José Hervas)
bartender - Mike Brendel (Miguel Brendel)
waitress - María José Collado
Carvajal - Simón Arriaga
Don Luis Ariola - José Manuel Martin (José Perez)
with: Ángel Menendez (Ángel Méndez), Xan Das Bolas (Tomás Pena)

Outlaw Joe Daylight is on the run along with the other members of his gang which includes ‘The Kid’, Doc and Henri. After a bank robbery, they manage to elude the posse chasing them and cross into Mexico. The agrees to meet up later to divide up the money, however Daylight instead uses the money to buy the Casa Grande ranch. At first several of the gang protest, but finally agree to join Daylight at the ranch. They are soon joined by ‘The Traveler’, who has recently joined the gang.

Daylight plans to use the ranch as a cover to rustle cattle from his neighbors and sell them at inflated prices across the border. However, his comrades soon adapt to life on the ranch. The Traveler and The Kid meet two women named Dona Maria de Castellar and Pacesita, with whom they eventually fall in love.

Daylight's plans are temporarily threatened by another bandit gang led by Rojo, who begins stealing cattle from numerous ranches in the area including Casa Grande. Organizing the local ranchers against the bandits, they succeed in chasing off Rojo. This has an unintended consequence however as Daylight's men have decided to remain at Casa Grande. He and his men begin to argue and, during the course of events, shoot and kill Doc causing ‘The Traveler’ to kill Daylight in turn. With their former leader dead, the men stay on the ranch and ‘The Traveller’ and Maria begin a new life on the Casa Grande

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