Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Giuliano Gemma western?

IMDb is showing in pre-production a western called "Las Cruces: Silver Starr". An Italian production by West 46th Films. Directed and written by Emiliano Ferrera with photography Fiore Cosimo and starring Alessandro Parrello as Francisco Santos with rumored appearances by Giuliano Gemma, Kesia Elwin and Roberta Garzia. Filming scheduled for Abruzzo, Italy and Tabernas, Almeria, Spain. This is Ferrera’s first film so we’ll keep our fingers crossed and report on any updates we may receive. Thanks to Mike Ferguson for supplying information on this new project.

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  1. Unfortunately, due to Giuliano Gemma's death in 2013, the Western film was never made. Adios, Ringo.