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Duello nel Texas - Italian title
El Gringo - Spanish title
Taistelu punaisella hietkolla - Finnish title
Duel au Texas - French title
Deullo nelle sabbie rosso - French title
Drei gegen Sacramento - German title
Monomahia sto Texas - Greek title
Agrios san ton anemo - Greek title
Duellen i Red Sands - Swedish title
Duell i Texas - Swedish title
Gringo - U.K. title
Gunfight in the Red Sands - U.K. title
Gunfight at Red Sands - English title

A 1963 Italian, Spanish co-production [Jolly Film, Titanus (Rome), Tecisa (Madrid)]
Producers: Guillermo Zuniga, John Smith
Director: Richard Blasco (Ricardo Laguna)
Story: J. Prindle (James Prindle)
Screenplay: Alfredo Antonini (Albert Band), Richard Blasco (Ricardo Laguna)
Cinematography: Jack Dalmas (Massimo Dallamano) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Dan/Leon Savio (Ennio Morricone)
Song: "A Gringo Like Me" sung by Dicky Jones
Song: "?" sung by Mikaela (Micaela Cuesta)
Running time: 95 minutes

Ricardo ‘Gringo’ Martinez - Richard Harrison
Sheriff Lance Corbett - G.R. Stuart (Giacomo Rossi Stuart)
Don Diego/Manuel Martinez - Dan Martin (Jose Martinez)
Elisa/Lisa Martinez - Sara Lezana (Sarita Minguez)
Maria/Hélène Huertas - Mikaela (Micaela Cuesta)
Don Esteban - Alfonso Rojas
Lou Steadman - Barta Barry (Bernabe Barri)
Juan Guardo - Ald Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Rosa Cardena - Barbara Simon (Bruna Simonato)
Doctor - Sam Field (Rodolfo del Campo)
Herrero Sanchez - Tito Garcia (Pablo Gonzalez)
Francsico - José Calvo (José Selgado)
Bancroft - Rafael Vaquero
Kincaid Wilson - Gonzalo Ezquiro (Gonzalo Ezquiroz)
barber - Xan das Bolas (Tomas Pena)
deputies - José Luis Chinchilla, Mike Solano (Ángel Solano)
Zeke ‘Giggles’ Wilson - Agustín González (Agustin Martinez)
poker player - Rufino Inglés
Mexican - Guilermo Vera
with: Telly Thomas, Nathan D’Eagle

In Carteville, a small town in the United States bordering Mexico, lives a family of Mexicans made up of Don Diego's the father, and his children Manuel and Lisa. Also living with them is Ricardo, a young American orphan adopted by Diego, who they have nicknamed "Gringo". One night, three masked figures attack the farm killing Diego, and looting it of bags of gold he has collected over years of hard work. Gringo now seeks to discover the true identity of the criminals who have terrorized the entire area for years: they turn out to be the sheriff, Steadman, the owner of the saloon and a Mexican horse trader named Guardo. Steadman, filled with remorse, flees but is killed accidentally by the sheriff. Only Gringo stands against the gang and succeeds with his cunning and courage to rid them from the country.

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  1. Biltmore: Who played the Martinez family father? I'll have to re-watch the film.

  2. I didn't recognize the actor who played Papa Martinez. If you recognize him let me know and I'll add him to the post. Tom Betts