Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gunfight at OQ Corral

Regelements de femmes OQ Corral - French title
Sweet Sierra - French title
Les sept partouzards de l’ouest - French title
Pornowest - Italian title
Les sept partouzards de l’ouest - Italian title
OQ Corral - Dutch title
Gunfight at the OQ Corral - English title

A 1974 French production [Europrodis Films (Paris)]
Producer: George Combret
Director: Jean-Marie Pallardy
Story: Jean-Marie Pallardy
Screenplay: Jean-Marie Pallardy
Cinematography: Jean-Paul Praider [Eastmancolor]
Music: Eddie Warner
Running time: 90 minutes
Gilda - Willeke Van Ammelrooy (Willy van Ammelrooy)
Maureen O’Lala - Vera Valmont
Nell - Alice Arno (Marie-France Broquet)
Burke Malloway - Jacques Insermini
Lulu - Patricia Monet (Patricia Mionnet)
Jean - Gilda York (Gila Arancio)
Indian - Jean Marie Pallardy
Stanley - Jean-Claude Strömme
Okker - Gilbert Serviant (Gilbert Servian)
with: Barbara Moose, Martine Azenko (Martine Azencot) (4/15/1954), Jean Luisi (Jean Claude Stromme), Guy Maria, Charlie Schreiner, Evelyne Scott (Evelyne Deher), Liliane Lemieuvre, Joelle Coeur

The Hooker gang prepares to rob the bank of a small town in the west. The operation goes awry and turns into a pitched battle with the inhabitants of the town. The shooting leave a lot of people dead, but the survivors of the gang manage to flee with the money and two hostages: Gilda a prostitute, and a young girl named Nell. Nell is none other than the daughter of Burke Malloway, an ex-Army Ranger. With his talents, Malloway soon finds the trail of the fugitives, while the sheriff with his posse are also involved in the search for Hooker. The outlaws, after finding refuge in the brothel of Gilda, who turns out to be a widow of a notorious bandit, have no alternative but to flee to the Mexican border to escape the men who stalk them

[Originally released in 1974 it was re-released as "Sweet Sierra" in 1979 with additional footage added by Bob W. Sanders (Robert Renzulli)]

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