Thursday, June 30, 2011


La più grande rapina del west - Italian title
Aleluia Para Django - Brazilian title
Trois salopards, une poignée d’or - French title
Ein Halleluja fur Django - German title
Den skotonoun pote tin Kyriaki - Greek title
Mia trelli trelli symmoria - Greek title
O maior roubo do oeste - Portuguese title
El mayor atraco frustardo del oeste - Spanish title
El robo más grande del oeste - Spanish title
100.000 dollar för sheriffen från Middletown - Swedish title
The Greatest Kidnapping in the West - English title
The Greatest Robbery in the West - English title
Hallelujah for Django - English title

A 1966 Italian production [Mega Film (Rome)]
Producers: Franco Cittadini, Stenio Fiorentini
Director: Maurizio Lucidi
Story: Augusto Finocchi
Screenplay: Augusto Finocchi, Augusto Caminito
Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Luis Enriquez Bacalov
Song: "Title Song" sung by Hunt Powers (Jack Betts)
Running time: 115 minutes  

Billy ‘Rum’ Cooney/Django - George Hitlon (Jorge Acosta y Lara)
Key Jarrett/Clay Thomas - Walter Barnes
Padre Santo/David Phaylard - Hunt Powers (Jack Betts)
Mara - Sarah Ross (Sonja Romanoff)
Jenny - Erika Blanc (Enrica Comobatto)
Andreas/Yanaro - Mario Brega
Mark - Glen Fortel (Giovanni Scarciofolo)
Sheriff Martin Cooney - Enzo Fiermonte
Katie O’Brien - Katia Christine
Sheriff Roy Norman - Tom Felleghy (Tamas Fellegi)
Astola - Luciano Rossi
Black Jack - Luciano Catenacci
Asa - Aysanoa Runachunga
Smolie - Umberto Raho
barman - Luigi Casellato
saloon patron - Luciano Bonanni
man with dog - Cesare Matignoni (Cesare Matignon)
banker - Bill Vanders (William Vanders)
Jarrett henchmen - Sal Borgese (Salvatore Borgese), Rick Boyd (Federico Boido), Bruno Corazzari, Paolo Magalotti, Luigi Barbacane, Mauro Bosco (Giuseppe Bosco)
with: Roberto Alessandri, Stefano Alessandrini, Desiderio Raffaele, Valentino Macchi, Marisa Quattrini, Lucia Righi, Lorenzo Sharon

A band of outlaws led by the fierce Jarrett make a daring bank robbery in Middletown. While the sheriff and his men set off in pursuit of the bandits, David, the brains of the gang, goes to the town of Poorlands with the stolen loot. Some time later, his accomplices join him in Poorlands to divide up the stolen money. Sheriff Martin tries to cope with the violence which the outlaws bring, and pays with his life for his courageous stance. Martin’s brother, Billy ‘Rum’ Cooney, decides to avenge his death, in association with David, who intends to steal all of the money: in this way the band of outlaws is completely routed. Bill is thus able to get his revenge, while David sees his dream to take possession of all the stolen money, consisting of golden coins secreted in a religious statue, sail into the air along with Jarrett in the explosion of a dynamite storage warehouse in which they were both hidden.

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  1. German Hallelujas are said and sung without the end-h, Tom:-))))

  2. Thanks Fatman I got the h out of there. ;) Tom Betts

  3. Is this film available on YouTube? I haven't seen it.