Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sergio Belinchón exhibit June 3 - July 24

The DPH is hosting the exhibition 'Western' about Western movies that were filmed in the province of Huesca.

The exhibition hall of the Provincial Council of Huesca (DPH) is hosting until July 24, 2011 the exhibition 'Western' which brings together photographs and videos made in recent years by Sergio Belinchón related to Western movies that were filmed in the province Huesca in the last century.

In particular, it covers two specific works Belinchón fully developed in the province of Huesca on the many Western movies were filmed in this area since the mid-sixties of last century, such as 'Yankee', 'Oklahoma John', 'The Stagecoach of the Condemned' and 'Twenty Paces to Death. "

These films were made in the Cinca River landscapes and places like Fraga, Candasnos, Alcolea de Cinca or depopulated Cardiel. Thus, the exhibition includes photographs of moments in the Aragonese territory with video, movie posters, and pictures of empty sets in motion or freeze frames.
The exhibition project is completed with another editorial that contains images and texts by the artist Pedro Vicente, also curator of the exhibition. The exhibition is part of the program offered by the International Film Festival Huesca, the DPH has been reported in a statement.
The chairman of the Committee on Culture, Education and Sports of the DPH, Elisa Sanjuán, and vice president of the same, Francisco Mateo, inaugurated the exhibition on Friday June 3, in which "Our landscapes appear as the desert of Monegros , and the river Cinca, and Fraga, Candasnos, Castejon de Monegros or Alcolea de Cinca ", affirmed by both cultural leaders.
"It's a perfect link between cinema and heritage, which allows it to integrate into the Western", Huesca, told the heads of Culture of the DPH.
At the opening of the exhibition is designed "Goodbye friend" one of two new works on Belinchón and was recorded in the same locations in the south of the province of Huesca, where the 'Spaghetti Westerns' were filmed for several decades.

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYR6XNBXEIo

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