Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy 75th Birthday Maria Grazia Spina

Maria Grazia Spinazzi was born in Venice, Italy on June 3, 1936. She debuted on stage in 1956 and two years later in 1958 on television. She soon became a favorite of Italian audiences appearing in dramas for the small screen. She was a rare mix of beauty but not striking and controlled acting style. Although she had a lengthy career she was never given a chance to shine. Usually given supporting roles in ‘B’ films such as adventure, historical and mythological and swashbucklers. Her last appearance was in an Italian TV film entitled "Il passo falso" in 1983. Maria appeared in two Euro-westerns "Zorro in the Court of Spain" (1962) and "Samson and the Slave Queen" (1963). She’s been out of the spotlight for many years. Today we celebrate Maria Grazia Spinazzi’s 75th birthday.

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