Friday, June 3, 2011

RIP Manuel Otero

Manuel Otero died on June 1, 2011 in Sao Paolo, Brazil from liver cancer. Manolo Otero Aparicio, was born in Madrid, Spain on June 25, 1942, and inherited the talent of this parents: An opera and operetta singer and actress. His first album "All the Time in the World" (1974), propelled him to fame, alongside other greats like Nino Bravo, Raphael and Julio Iglesias. His romance and eventual marriage to the Spanish actress and starlet Maria José Cantudo, was one of the most famous of recent times. The marriage lasted only five years. His most famous songs are "Más no más", "Vuelvo a ti","Qué he de hacer para olvidarte", "Te he querido tanto" y "Bella mujer". In 1977 he performed at the Festival de Viña del Mar and dominated the competition of Quinta Vergara, Albano, Romina Power and Albert Hammond. Manolo Otero married in 1986 with the Colombian Eddy Cano, but was now married with Brazilian Celeste Ferreira. The couple lived in Sao Paolo. As Manuel Otero he appeared in one Euro-western as Ken "In the Dust of the Sun" (1973).

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