Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RIP Rafael de Penagos

Legendary Spanish voice dubber and poet Rafael de Penagos died in Madrid, Spain on February 25, 2010. He was 85. Rafael was born in 1924 in Madrid, the son of cartoonist Zalabarado Rafael de Penagos. He made his film and dubbing debut in Barcelon in the early 1940s. He moved and settled in Santiago, Chile and later Buenos Aires, Argentina where he published his first book of poetry. He returned to Spain in 1945 where he acted, gave poetry recitals and studied university courses. In 1964 he was awarded the National Literature Prize for his work Como pasa el viento. Being very gifted in comedy he was the voice of Stan Laurel for re-releases of Laurel and Hardy films to Spanish TV. He later was the voice of Jeremy Brett in the 1980s Sherlock Holmes TV series. Later he would lend his voice for cartoons. Among his Spaghetti Western dubbing he was the Spanish voice of Marco Tulli in 1963's “The Shadow of Zorro”, Joachim Fuschsberger in 1964's “The Last Tomahawk”, Angel Del Pozo in 1967's “Run , Man Run”, Francisco Sanz in 1969's “The Price of Power” and Ezio Marano in 1970's “They Call Me Triniry” among others.

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