Monday, March 29, 2010

The body of Sean Flynn may have been found

It has been over forty years since Sean Flynn has gone missing. Sean Flynn, the son of Hollywood icon Errol Flynn, was a photojournalist who covered the war in Cambodia in the early 70's. 37 other journalists went missing during this time, and are believed to have been killed.

The US embassy has dug up the remains of a body that they believe could be Sean Flynn.

"Obviously there is nothing conclusive and tests need to be conducted," Us Embassy spokesman John Johnson said. "Each case is different so it is difficult to speculate on how long the analysis may take."

The search for Sean Flynn, and many of his colleagues, has been a futile one for many years. The search has been through the government, by individuals, and even by freelance bone collectors.

Sean Flynn was 28 when he went missing and his disappearance inspired the making of documentaries, movies, and books, including "Two of the Missing," which was about Flynn and his colleagues.

Sean Flynn starred in three Euro-westerns before his death: The Sign of Zorro (1962), Vengeance Ranch (1965), 7 Magnificent Pistols (1966)

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  1. Usually when a missing person has been missing for years or even decades, that person is often declared dead in absentia. In Sean Flynn's case, he has been missing for 53 years while Jimmy Hoffa has been missing for close to 48. Hopefully, they'll find out more about his disappearance and bring his family closure.