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Clint il solitario – Italian title
Nevada Clint il solitario – Italian title
Clint, el solitario – Spanish title
Tal der Hoffnung – German title
Ein Mann Kommt zuruck – German title
Clinto – o solitario - Brazil
Han kom fra Nevada – Danish title
Clint, l’homme de la vallee sauvage – French title
Han kom fra Nevada – Dutch title
Dra Snabbt Framling – Swedish title
Usamljenik iz Nevade – Yugoslavian title
Clint the Lonely Nevadan – English title
Clint, the Nevada Loner – English title
Nevada Clint – English title
Clint the Stranger – English title

A 1967 Italian, Spanish, German co-production [Lux Film (Rome), PC Balcázar (Barcelona), International Germania Film (Cologne)]
Producer: Valentin Sallent, Renato Gualino, Guido M. Gatti
Director: Alfonso Balcázar Granda
Story: Jose Antonio de la Loma, Alfonso Balcázar (Alfonso Granda)
Screenplay: Jose Antonio de la Loma, Alfonso Balcázar (Alfonso Granda), Helmut Harun
Cinematography: Victor Monreal (Victor Sarto) [Technicolor, Super TechniRama 70]
Music: Nora Orlandi
Song: “Stop Shooting” sung by Luciano Michelini
Running time: 93 minutes

Clint Harrison - George Martin (Francisco Celeiro)
Tom Harrison - Francisco José Huetos
Julie Harrison - Marianne Koch
Ross - Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Simpson - Xan Das Bolas (Tomas Pena)
Bill O’Brien - Gerhard Riedmann
Dave Shannon - Paolo Gozlino
Don Shannon - Pinkas Braun
McKinley - Beni Deus (Venancio Mejuto)
Walter Shannon - Walter Barnes
farmers - Renato Baldini, Luis Barboo
Peabody - Gustavo Re
sheriff - Remo De Angelis
saloon girl - Mara Krupp
Toby - Miguel de la Riva
with; Osvaldo Genazzani

Clint Harrison, who killed two men in defense of this wife, was sentenced to prison. When he finally is released he goes in search of his wife and son. He finds them on a homestead where they are harassed by the Shannon family who want their land. Julie Harrison is not happy to see her husband when he arrives at the ranch because of his previous life as a gunslinger. Clint promises not to use his guns and hangs them up. He stays as the ranch as a hired hand which gives him time to make friends with his son. The Shannon's take advantage of the situation and continue their harassment. He finally faces the old man and his sons in a lengthy gun battle in town and disposes of them. He returns to the farm and starts a peaceful existence with his forgiving wife and son.

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  1. Han kom fra Nevada is mentioned twice, the second time as the Dutch title. Han kom fra Nevada is the title in Denmark.

    Dutch translation could/would be Clint de vreemdeling