Saturday, June 18, 2022

Who Are Those Singers & Musicians – Bianca Cavalini


Giulia Bianca Cavallini is a Swedish dancer, singer and actress who grew up in England and Norway. She was mainly active in the GDR and sang songs in the DEFA films: "Der Kristallspiegel" (1968), "Osceola" (1971) und "Vorsicht, Kurven!" (1969). She was married for a short time to dancer John Theophilus Clarke.

CAVALLINI, Bianca (aka Bianca) (Giulia Bianca Cavallini) [Swedish] – dancer, singer, actress, married dancer John Theophilus Clarke [1932-2017] (1955-1957).

Osceola – 1970 [sings: “Die Playgirls in der Yankee-Bar”, “Florida”]

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