Friday, June 24, 2022

Spaghetti Western Trivia ~ Burt & Raquel & “100 Rifles”.


Burt Reynolds’ recollection of his time with Raquel Welch was unflattering to say the least. In 2015, the Daily Mail published a passage from Burt Reynolds’ memoir in which he revealed that Raquel Welch was angry about his top billing in the movie “100 Rifles” (1969) so she refused to work with him. Reynolds revealed he and his co-star had to work with doubles to shoot their scenes.

“So when we did “Fuzz” (1972) I’d come to work, and Raquel’s double would be there instead, with her back to the camera,” Burt Reynolds wrote. “I’d say my lines to her and the director would say: ‘Cut.’ As I was driving out of the studio gate, the guard would pick up the phone and say, ‘He’s leaving now’ — and then Raquel would go in and say her lines to my double. We made the whole movie like that, never together in the same scene. Put it this way: we don’t send each other Christmas cards.”

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  1. I also heard that Raquel Welch did NOT get along well with Jim Brown especially when they had that interracial love scene. Whenever she was firing her rifle in the film, she was actually firing at Brown and the director had to tell her to stop because she could have easily hit him with one of the blanks causing an injury. Things got even more complicated when Jim Brown refused to do the stunts the way the director wanted him to so Burt Reynolds had to bring in a stuntman who was also black in order to do them. I can't remember who it was or even if the person is still alive. But anyway, there WAS tension brewing when it came to filming "100 Rifles". I'm actually thinking about remaking that film but I don't know if I really will or not. Would be fun though if I did.