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Vera Gemma, sorrow for the death of her father Giuliano / "I wish I could tell him I love him"

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By Josephine Carinci


Vera Gemma is preparing to take part again in L'Isola dei Famosi. The memory of her father Giuliano is always with her even in this new experience

Vera Gemma is preparing to take part again in L'Isola dei Famosi. After the experience of last year, which she consecrated herself to the public making her known even more and giving her an important opportunity to prove that she is not "his daughter" but rather a person and a character who wants to be known for herself. Last year, in fact, the shipwrecked woman said:  "I hope that L'Isola will allow me to prove that I am not a spoiled father's daughter, as those who do not know me think and only look at my surname"

Tonight Vera will come into play with Soleil Sorge and with her there will always be the memory of her father Giuliano, who died in 2013 after a car accident, due to a cardiac arrest. “If he were still here I would tell him more often that I love him. Not that I haven't told him, but now that he's gone and I miss him, I wish I could do it again” Vera Gemma had told some time ago. A great pain, therefore, that was felt after the disappearance of the man. Although Vera is now a woman, nothing could alleviate the suffering for the disappearance of the man she most loved in the world.

 Vera Gemma and the memory of her father: that tragic accident

Dad was a humble person. He always told us: 'Remember that being the children of an important actor does not mean that you are more important than others. If anything, it means that you are luckier' "Vera said a few years ago. Giuliano Gemma passed away on October 1, 2013 due to a car accident. Taken to the hospital, the actor had suffered cardiac arrest there. Vera Gemma was not in Rome: “I was in Los Angeles. So I had to immediately find clarity and to find a plane, return, attend the funeral with dignity, holding back the pain that today I often vent by suddenly crying alone", she said.

What Gemma misses most are her unexpected visits: “Now I miss the ringing of the doorbell because he came suddenly without warning. We grew up on movie sets. I had a surreal childhood and adolescence". For Vera, her father was a real idol, a boundless love: "For me my father was a myth: I loved him, I found him beautiful and to see him I went to the cinema with my sister and the babysitter to see his films."

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  1. Very touching indeed. Giuliano Gemma had that radiance that just followed you anywhere you went. If you knew him, you knew about his films and the kind of man he was. He wasn't just "Ringo". He was a true human being. He wasn't just an actor. He was a father too. And just because he was a celebrity didn't mean he didn't have the same problems as everybody else. He did. But he would never let it show. And that's why even I admire him. He knew when to let it out and when not to. And left you with the feeling of knowing you had a hero to look up to. Adios Ringo. Until we meet again.