Saturday, June 11, 2022

RIP Stanislav Fišer


Czech actor and drummer Stanislav Fišer died at the age of 90 in Prague, Czech Republic on June 11, 2022. He was 90. He performed in more than a hundred roles in comedies and chamber musicals at the Municipal Theaters of Prague. But he celebrated his greatest success in dubbing. He lent his voice to Inspector Clousea, and especially to the Apache Chief Winnetou. In 2004, Fischer underwent surgery for laryngeal cancer. He lost his atypical voice at the time and had to use a special electronic speaker to communicate. However, Fišer did not forget about the ABC Home Theater, so he returned to his stage in several silent roles, which he enjoyed even after his eighties. Stanislav was the Czech voice of Pierre Brice in all the Winnetou films and also was the voice of Gojko Mitic in “Osceola” and Tecumseh” along with being the Czech voice of Marco Zuanelli in “Once Upon a Time in the West” and “Josef Egger in “Fistful of Dollars”.

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