Friday, June 17, 2022

RIP Jean-Louis Trintignant


Legendary French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant died in Gard, France on June 17, 2022, of old age. He was 91. Trintignant, one of France's greatest actors had his acting career shadowed when his life was plunged into tragedy by the murder of his daughter at the hands of her pop star boyfriend. Trintignant was devastated when Marie, an actress, was beaten to death by rock star Bertrand Cantat in a hotel room in Lithuania in 2003. She was 41. Yet nine years later he returned in triumph in Michael Haneke's Oscar-winning "Amour", playing a man in his eighties struggling to look after his wife after a stroke. It also won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes film festival, where Trintignant made a final emotional return in 2019 aged 88 despite being weakened by cancer for a sequel of "A Man and a Woman", the 1966 love story that made his name. Jean-Louis appeared in only one Euro-western as a mute gunfighter named ‘Silence’ in the 1968 Sergio Corbucci directed “The Great Silence” with Klaus Kinski and Frank Wolff.

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