Thursday, March 31, 2022

More rain damage in Spain destroys the wall of a Los Albaricoques house.


La Voz de Almeria

By Evaristo Martínez

March 30, 2022

Along with the detachment of the protrusion of the Rambla de Otero (posted yesterday on the WAI! Blog), another scenario linked to the western filmed in Almería has been lost due to the rains and, in this case, due to apathy. It is a house in Los Albaricoques,in the district of Níjar, which appeared in titles such as 'For a Few Dollars More' (Sergio Leone, 1965), 'Day of Anger' (Tonino Valerii, 1967) and ' Tepepa' (Blood and Guns) ( Giulio Petroni, 1969). This was announced by Manuel Hernández, manager of the Hostal Rural Restaurante Alba , through a photograph published on Facebook.

"It is a house on Clint Eastwood Street that has collapsed due to the effect of the water but also due to neglect. I have been asking different corporations for 13 or 14 years to protect the property, since the owners had abandoned it, until now it has come down", he laments in conversation with La Voz de Almeria Hernández, promoter from Los Albaricoques (turned into Agua Calientes in 'For a Few Dollars More') of different initiatives that combine cinema, culture and tourism. 



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