Thursday, June 10, 2021

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Juan Cortés


Juan Cortés was a Spanish character actor who appeared in over 85 films and TV series from 1941 to 1974. I can find no biographical information on the man. He must have been born sometime in the early 1920s and by the quick termination of his career I’m guessing he died sometime in the mid-1970s. He was billed as Clyde Ceryll a few times but why?

It amazes me how many of these actors who had either long careers or appeared in many film and some major titles are basically unknown entities. Cortés for example appeared in 19 Euro westerns with such hits as “Bullets Don’t Argue”, “A Fistful of Dollars”, “Adios Gringo”, “A Few Dollars for Django” and “For a Few Bullets More”. Although his roles may have been small his career was long and someone should know something about the man.

We can add him to the long list of forgotten or ignored actors who made the genre what it was and now is forgotten.

CORTES, Juan (aka Clyde Ceryll, Juan Cortés, Juan Cortez) (Juan Cortés) [Spanish] – film, TV actor.

Relevo para un pistolero – 1963

Shoot to Kill – 1963 (Jed)

Bullets Don't Argue - 1964 (Johnny)

Cavalry Charge – 1964 (Jackson)

Fistful of Dollars – 1964 (Mexican Cavalry Captain)

4 Bullets for Joe – 1964 (Jurado)

Tomb of the Pistolero - 1964

Adiós Gringo - 1965 (Judge Blackburn) [Clyde Ceryll]

Seven Hours of Gunfire - 1965 (Mortimer)

Django Does Not Forgive – 1966 (Delney)

A Few Dollars for Django – 1966 (Mining company official)

Quinto: Fighting Proud – 1969 (sheriff)

Rebels of Arizona – 1969

Zorro the Dominator – 1969 (Capitán Álvaro Mendoza)

Relevo para un pistolero - 1964 (

For a Few Bullets More – 1967 (Lincoln Sheriff)

Bullets Over Dallas – 1970 (Perry/Terry Morse)

$20,000 for a Cadaver – 1971

Zorro the Invincible – 1971

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