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Jane B. for Agnes V.








Jane B. for Agnes V. – French title

Jane B. par Agnès V. – French title

A.V. sur J.B – French title

Jane B... wie Birkin – German title

アニエス・Vによるジェーン・b – Japanese title

Agnès V. o Jane B. – Polish title

Jane B. por Agnès V. – Spanish title

Jane B. by Agnes V. – U.S.A. title

Jane B. for Agnes V. – U.S.A. title


A 1988 French television production [Ciné-tamaris, La Sept Cinéma (Paris)]


Director: Agnès Varda (Arlette Varda)

Story: Agnès Varda (Arlette Varda)

Teleplay: Agnès Varda (Arlette Varda)

Photography: Nurith Aviv, Pierre-Laurent Chénieux

Music: Joanna Bruzdowicz

Running time: 99 minutes



Calamity Jane / Claude Jade / Joan Arc – Jane Birkin

The angry lover - Jean-Pierre Léaud

Murderer - Philippe Léotard (Ange-Philippe Leotard)

The colonial – Farid Chopel

Verlaine’s reader – Alain Souchon

Serge Gainsbourg - Serge Gainsbourg (Lucien Ginsburg)

Lardy – Laura Betti (Laura Trombetti)

The deputy mistress – Monique Godard

bailiff – Ian Marshall

the poor of Dickens – Les enfants Tooke

La daughter of J. – Charlotte Gainsbourg

Le son of A. Mathieu Demy

Tarzan – James Millard

Titien’s model – Pascale Torsat

The baker – Henri Piednoir

André Cagnard and his stuntmen - André Cagnard

Agnès Varda - Agnès Varda (Arlette Varda)

Stunt coordinator: André Cagnard

Stunts: William Cagnard, Marcel Labbaye


Story: The interests, obsessions, and fantasies of two singular artists converge in this inspired collaboration between Agnès Varda and her longtime friend the actor Jane Birkin.

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