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Who Are Those Composers? ~ Henk van der Linden

Henk van der Linden was born in Hoensbroek, The Netherlands. His father was a cinema operator and ran a film rental office in Hoensbroek. Van der Linden made his first film in 1944 at the age of eighteen. In 1952 he made his first real feature film. This film “Three Boys and a Dog” was shot by Van der Linden on 16mm film, without sound. Henk just made the sound live when showing in community centers. This film was such a huge success that van der Linden decided to start filming on 35mm.

Van der Linden wrote his stories himself and often based them on heroes from literary youth literature: Dik Trom , Sjors en Sjimmie , Pietje Bell and Billie Turf. All of Henk van der Linden 's films were shot in the vicinity of his hometown of Thull in the municipality of Schinnen. For example, his house in Thull was the setting for an exciting action scene in his latest film "Who laughs last...".

Henk van der Linden has several records to his name. He is the most prolific filmmaker in the Netherlands. No other Dutch filmmaker has produced as many feature films as Van der Linden. His film "New Adventures of Dik Trom" is in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running Dutch feature film ever: it was shown continuously in one or more cinemas for 28 years .


van der LINDEN, Henk [5/3/1925, Hoensbroek, Limburg, Netherlands -     ] – producer, director, writer, cinematographer, composer, film editor, actor, married to Mia van der Linden [1927-2015] (19??-2015) father of actor Cor van der Linden [1951-    ], actress Jos van der Linden [1962-    ].

Adventures in the Wild West – 1963

Indian Attack in Death Pass – 1967


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