Saturday, June 5, 2021

Who Are Those Composers ~ Federico Martínez Tudó

 Federico Martínez Tudó was born in Barcelona, Spain on September 7, 1907. He was a musician, composer, conductor and arranger. His best compositions include “Enemigos” (1942) by Antonio Santillán, with a script by María de los Llanos; “The Night of Tuesday” (1944), adaptation by Antonio Santillán of a story by Isidro Esteban Sanahuja; “There is a Road to the Right” (1953) by Francisco Rovira Beleta, starring Francisco Rabal and Julia Martínez; “Los Desamparados” (1962), made by Antonio Santillán, inspired by a story by Enrique Sosa and Antonio Esteban, and “Senda Torcida” (1963), based on a story by Enrique Esteban and JA Sosa, with Antonio Casas, Olvaldo Genazzani and Luis Induni and realization by Santillán himself. Martínez Tudo wrote the music for more than fifty films, collaborating especially with the directors, José Luis Madrid, Juan Xiol, Antonio Santillán, Josep Maria Forn,Jesús Pascual and Francisco Rovira Beleta.

Federico Martínez Tudó died in Barcelona on December 10, 1975.

TUDO, Federico Martínez (aka F. Martinez Tudo, Federico Martinez Tudo, Mtro. Martínez Tudo, F. Martinez Tudó, Maestro Martínez Tudó, Martínez Tudó, Mtr. Martínez Tudó, Mtro. Martínez Tudó) (Federico Martínez Tudó) [9/7/1907, Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain – 12/10/1975, Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain] – composer, conductor, arranger.

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